SL High Precision Rack & Pinion Systems

Zero Backlash Linear System for Electronic Preload
Zero Backlash Linear System for Electronic Preload

Modern machining processes; such as drilling, milling, grinding and lathing; in industries such as aerospace, automotive or robotics; face ever increasing requirements of precision and finishing quality. That was the drive behind Servotak’s design of the most advanced rack & pinion system in the world.

Our exclusive design has been carefully studied and optimized, using the most modern tools and techniques. As a result, our racks are much more massive, and feature more anchor points in a 2-row arrangement and an exclusive tooth profile.

Servotak offers full-fledged solutions for your linear transmission needs. Our systems consist of a high precision gearbox, a high performance pinion, and one or more state of the art rack segments.

In order to better match customer requirements, racks and pinions are offered in 3 distinct product series of increasing performance: Basic, Advanced, and Master. Basic-class systems are suitable for general automation, but high performance applications such as robotics and machine tools require Advanced- or Master-class, that can reach precisions of single digit micrometres, and travelling loads measured in tons. Typical applications are travelling columns and Gantries.

The high precision gearboxes employed in Servotak linear systems come our tried and tested product range, taking advantage of its comprehensiveness to perfectly match the special requirements of rack and pinion systems. Servotak recommends SG, SGM or SGH for in-line systems, and MQ for right angle systems. Both can be used standalone or in zero-backlash mechanical or electronically preloaded systems.

Performance data:

Toothing Straight or helical
Metric module 1 to 12
Series Basic (C45 steel, quenched & tempered)
  Advanced (C45 steel, Induction hardened)
  Master (18CrNiMo5 steel, case-hardened)
Pinion-gearbox interface Hollow shaft with shrink disk
  DIN5408 splined shaft
  Direct ISO-9409-1-A or with adapter.
  Servotak Zero-Backlash anchoring system
Tooth quality 5, 6 or 8 (DIN 3962, ISO 1328 or AGMA 2015)
Rack pitch error Single Pitch fpt = 3 µm
  Cumulative (250mm) Fp250 = 9 µm
Tooth optimizations Tip-relief
  Crowning (pinion only)
Max acceleration feed force 381000 N
Max cutting force 190000 N
Recommended gearboxes In-line: SG, SGM, SGH, FG
  Right angle: MQ

SL Rack & Pinion Systems have the following advantages

  • Quieter operation thanks to an exclusive, taller, tooth profile that increases the number of meshing teeth.
  • More resilient machines, due to thicker, sturdier racks.
  • Better finishes thanks to lower vibrations due to stiffer racks.
  • Heavier loads, thanks to an optimized tooth profile with thicker, full-fillet tooth roots.
  • Easier installation, due to a better tolerance to vertical misalignments.