SR Rotary Systems

Robotics grade ring and pinion systems

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SRT Zero Backlash Rotary Actuators

Powerful, Compact and Flexible

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Up to 20000 N·m with no backlash?

Why not?

Micrometer precision with multi-ton loads?



Servotak, your expert for precision gear units and transmission technology

Servotak high precision planetary gearboxes are used in motion control applications wherever high accuracy and repeatiblity are required. Our designs are present in many industrial sectors: automated assembly lines, automobile, aerospace, defence, drive systems, food processing, linear systems, machine tools, packaging and filling machines, medical and pharmaceutical industries, robots, etc.

SERVOTAK standard series

The Servotak high precision planetary gearboxes standard series offers:

  • The world's widest standard range in high precision planetary gearboxes
  • High overall quality
  • High operating safety
  • Long design lives
  • Extremely quiet operation, even under load

SERVOTAK engineering solutions

Servotak engineering solutions focus on customers who need custom precision gear units with a superior performance not found in standard market gear units. We work with you to develop products according to your exact needs and specifications. We specialize on high performance gear units. Our designs are widely recognized for their:

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Robustness
  • Innovative problem solving approach

Make Servotak your primary source for all of your mechanical motion control requirements