Engineering and R&D

SERVOTAK engineering solutions focuses on customers.

"Genius: 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Thomas Alva Edison

Servotak does not believe in the stranglehold of standard gearboxes over design concerns.
When designing a new machine, the market offers endless standarized gearboxes. Brand makes little difference, and pricing, deadlines and performance are the determining factors. Machine design is a slave of the gearbox. This is the conventional wisdom, and leads to conventional results.
However, should you want to make a market defining machine, a custom gearbox is the only solution. The gearbox should accomodate the machine, and not vice versa.

Customer Benefits.

SERVOTAK engineering solutions focus on customers who need custom precision gear units with a superior performance not found in standard market gear units. They provide important customer benefits:

Custom Fit

It is compact, fits exactly the customer requirements and offers better performance than the alternatives.

Time Savings

Our experience in the gear engineering field reduces the total time our customers need to devote to product development.

Development costs under control.

You made the machine, we calculate and design a gear unit within the agreed budget that fits your needs.

Cutting-edge machines.

Our wish is to share your goals and together manufacture more efficient and modern machinery. Our designs can achieve higher precision resulting in reduced cycle time and increased productivity. To sum up, we help you become a market leader.

Who are our engineering services target customers?

  • OEMs,
  • Machinary Manufacturers,
  • Engineering Companies,
  • Technology Centers,
  • Research and Development Institutes, and
  • Universities.

Their common denominator? They all strive to create new, market leading machines. When they need an innovative, cutting edge gearbox, Servotak delivers.

Extensive experience

We are experts in power transmissions of exceptional reliability, innovative design and unmatched robustness .

Our designs appear in a wide swath of the industry: automobile, aerospace, defence, drive systems, food processing, linear systems, machine tools, packaging machines, medical and pharmaceutical industries, robots,...

We are independent

Despite its vast experience, Servotak has always striven to remain independent. We have no vested interests or loyalties. We do so in order to provide vendor neutral solutions.

At a glance, we offer:

Knowledge Consulting

  • Power transmission is the heart of a machine. We provide answers to your questions on how to improve your machines.


  • Drive train analysis.
  • Improvement proposals.


  • Product Engineering.
  • Development of the entire transmission system: housing, shafts, bearings, gears, lubrication...
  • Manufacturing cost study.
  • 3D simulation of the gear unit assembly process.
  • Manufacturing drawings for all parts.

Review & Optimization

  • Gear optimization leads to important reductions in noise and vibration.

Prototyping and manufacturing

  • Prototype manufacturing and outsourcing.
  • Product outsourcing.

Design Philosophy


  • Our designs focus on reliability, robustness and durability.

Whole system view

  • Our holistic view of the transmission is the key to our success. Each component is considered not only individually, but as part of a system. It provides a vital understanding of the behavior of each individual component and of their interaction leading to a more reliable and robust design.

Failure prediction.

  • Our simulation technology can predict the system behavior and detect issues before a product is manufactured.


  • We are not afraid to think outside of the box to provide innovative solutions to your design requirements.

Full partnering

  • We keep full communication with our clients, continuously updating the designs to match any change and refinement on the requirements, so as to deliver a result that satisfies them completely.

Competitive advantage

  • We add value to every stage, from design to full optimization. This allows our customers to market innovative machines, creating business opportunities.

Design process.

The design process is divided into three stages:

Computer analysis:

We calculate gearbox life and durability based on the loads and deflections of gears. We also accurately predict bending and contact stresses, mesh misalignments and meshing forces. We display contact load distribution across the tooth face, contact temperature and micro-geometry analysis.

Thanks to out vast experience in planetary gear units, we understand the importance of equal load distribution between planetary gears, ensuring high reliability and low vibration. By taking into account the effects of assembly, manufacturing tolerances and structure deflections, we predict load distribution through each planetary gear.

Several kinds of analysis are used which deal with, but not limited to, the following areas:

Gear unit

  • Gearbox by type and market.
  • Gearbox type selection.
  • Duty cycle.
  • Service life
  • Warranty
  • Costs


  • Gear calculation according to ISO, DIN and AGMA.
  • Gear type: Single gear, Two cylindrical gears, Three cylindrical gears, Four cylindrical gears, Planetary gears, Pinion-rack systems, etc.
  • Geometry: Reference profile, Tolerances.
  • Strength, materials and lubrication.
  • Sliding.
  • Flash temperature.
  • Hardening.
  • Gear quality grade.
  • Contact stiffness.
  • Safety curves.
  • Lubricant viscosity.
  • Tooth profile optimization.
    • Transmission error.
    • Force distribution, Torque and Stiffness.
    • Specific sliding.
    • Temperature: Heat development, power losses and efficiency.
    • Safety factors.
    • Lubrication and lubricating film.
    • Micropitting.
    • Tooth stresses: Root bending stress and tooth flank stress.
    • Wear.
    • Load capacity.
    • Work cycle.
    • Service life.
    • Backlash: Influences due to manufacturing errors, temperature operation and housing.
  • Torsional stiffness.


  • Shafts, and gear sets calculation.
  • Selection and layout
  • Shafts deflection.


  • Contact stresses
  • Contact footprints
  • Misalignments
  • Load distribution.


  • Housing materials.
  • Deflection.
  • Misalignments of gears and bearings.


We base our designs and numerical calculation on 3D CAD drawings of the system. We perform FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis for complex gearbox components to guarantee safer and more robust gearboxes. With the results, we obtain:

  • Fatigue study.
  • Thermal analysis.
  • Acoustic analysis.
  • Vibration analysis.
  • Gearbox life.


Prototypes are manufactured at this stage and submitted to various tests:

  • Stress test.
  • Vibration test.
  • Torsional stiffness test.
  • Angular gearing
  • Friction and wear and tear test.
  • Acoustic analysis.
  • Lubricant life test.
  • Sealing test.
  • Extreme conditions test.
  • Comparative analysis between obtained and calculated values.