SD Centrifuge Reducers

SD-400 Centrifuge Reducer

Separating solids from liquids is essential in many industrial processes. Servotak SD Centrifuge Reducers are the perfect drives for decanters with bowl and screw conveyor and centrifuge machines.

Servotak SD Centrifuge Reducers' high quality is due to a combination of innovation and years of experience in planetary transmissions.

SD Centrifuge Reducers provide both the differential speed between the bowl and the conveyor, and the torque for the screw conveyor. A circular, carefully balanced design ensures a vibration free centrifuge machine operation. The housing is affixed to the bowl thus turning at the bowl speed. The centrifuge reducer output shaft is connected to the conveyor and transmits the torque necessary for solids transportation.

Performance Data:

Transmission Type: Planetary gears
Special Tooth Profile: Special tooth geometry reduces noise and heat generation. It also optimizes the gear mesh alignment to achieve maximum tooth surface contact, resulting in maximum torque transmission.
Gear Transmission Ratios: 15:1 to 93:1. Other ratios on request
Output torque: 1000 to 83000 Nm
Differential output speed: 0 to 350 rpm
Output shaft: Hollow output shaft with involute toothing DIN 5480

Innovative SD Centrifuge Gearboxes for Modern Decanters

  • Circular design for decanters or centrifuge machines.
  • Balanced housing and components ensure vibration-free operation.
  • Greater Energy savings due to high efficiency, valid for the entire range of torque.
  • Constant output torque at all differential speeds (n2-n3).
  • Higher differential speed range (n2-n3), allowing greater flexibility in decanter design and offer superior performance, compared to traditional cycloidal designs.
  • Suitable for all type of decanters even with high bowl speed and high differential speed.
  • Reliable.
  • Designed for the entire service life of the decanter.
  • Built from the ground up for centrifuges. The SD series was custom designed to serve the specific and particular needs of centrifuge machines. Only by partnering with the OEM and drawing on our extensive experience in gearbox design, can the most stringent design constraints be met, and excellence achieved.