Right Angle Precision Gearboxes

Where the highest precision isn't required, SVS right angle gearboxes are the right choice. It offers excellent value while being precise and reliable. Its compact design makes it the lightest in its class, and it has an extremely smooth operation. For both applications that have high cyclic rates, and for continuous operations, SVS gearboxes are a perfect match, and one that won't break the bank too.

SQS gearboxes are an evolution of the SVS design with a monobloc housing that includes feet on every face. It offers better heat dissipation, and higher toughness.

MA Right Angle gearboxes shine thanks to their high precision and high torque capacity (up to 1680 Nm) contained in a compact aluminum housing. They've been designed with the latest advancements in precision gear engineering, they offer the highest specifications when it comes to motion control applications that require highly repeatable positioning.

MQ right angle worm servogearboxes have been specifically developed for the most demanding servo-applications where accuracy, stiffness, and reliability are critical. MQ gearboxes provide precise rotary motion for both highly dynamic cyclical and speed control servo applications. Output options include single shaft, dual shafts, hollow shaft with keyway and hollow shaft with shrink disc. The backlash levels allow it to satisfy a variety of applications.