Zero-Backlash Ring-Pinion-Gearbox Systems

2000mm diameter Servotak Ring Pinion System for 12500 Kg load and 24625 Kgm2 Ine
2000mm diameter Servotak Ring Pinion System for 12500 Kg load and 24625 Kgm2 Inertia
Angular or inline Gearbox Servotak offers the suitable solution to your needs

Servotak offers engineers complete built to order Zero-Backlash Ring and Pinion solutions. All components of the Rack-Pinion-Gearbox system have been carefully designed to obtain true Zero-Backlash. Servotak High Precision Ring-Pinion-Gearbox Systems are ideal for machine tool, rotary tables, and robotic applications, in industries such as aerospace, automotive, machine tool, material handling, and robotics.

The system

This solution eliminates all axis backlash, providing ultra-precise positioning and repeatability. Positioning accuracy is maintained both during acceleration and deceleration, and during changes in direction of travel.

The axis backlash is eliminated by using two pinions, one to drive the axis and the other to engage the opposite tooth flank and take up the backlash. Servotak Zero Backlash Ring-Pinion-Gearbox require electronically preloaded systems.

Electronically preloaded systems use two motor/gearbox assemblies with dual pinions operating on the same rack in a master/slave setup. One pinion drives the axis (the “master”) while the second pinion is “preloaded” to remove the backlash (the “slave”). A special motor drive creates and controls the preload. When backlash is not critical, this second drive can also be set up to contribute to the main operation. One of this system's main advantages is the ease with which backlash can be monitored and controlled.


Servotak Ring and Pinion System characterized by:

  • Optimized tooth profile, producing smooth and quiet operation.
  • Higher power transmission capacity thanks to high quality steels. Gears are hardened and ground.
  • Higher radial and torsional stiffness.
  • Ring and Pinion system lubrication completely controlled via PLC.

Servotak specially designed High Precision Planetary Gearbox offering:

  • Angular or Coaxial High Precision Transmission.
  • Cutting edge design based on Servotak Heavy Duty High Precision Gears know how.
  • Compact.
  • Reliability, even under heavy loads. All components have been optimized via FEM analysis to avoid acceleration and deceleration deflection.
  • High Capacity Output Bearings. Two preloaded and over-sized angular roller bearings absorb the high forces produced by rack and pinion.
  • The optimized output shaft planet carrier offers exceptional high stiffness, allowing transient-free operation.
  • The output shaft can include an integral pinion, allowing a better transmissible torque and higher rigidity.
  • Input motor flanges available for all servomotor brands.